Grades for Movies -- 2003

Sunday, January 26, 2003

A+ Pantheon

Friday Night (Denis)

A Masterpieces

A- Great

Capturing the Friedmans (Jarecki)

A-/B+ Near Great

The Fog of War (Morris)

The Man Without a Past (Kaurismaki)

The Company (Altman)

Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary (Maddin)

The Son (Dardenne & Dardenne)

City of God (Meirelles)

The Five Obstructions(von Trier & Leth)

B+ Must See

House of Sand and Fog (Perelman)

Cold Mountain (Minghella)

Shattered Glass (Ray)

School of Rock(Linklater)

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (Weir)

The Secret Lives of Dentists (Rudolph)

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (Jackson)

Dallas 362 (Caan)

Kill Bill, Vol. 1 (Tarantino) [originally: B+/B]

Bad Santa (Zwigoff)

Down with Love (Reed)

B+/B Strongly Recommended

Demonlover (Assayas)

All the Real Girls (Green)

Bus 174 (...)

Graveyard of Honour (Miike)

Brown Bunny (Gallo)

Pistol Opera (Suzuki)

Lost in Translation (Coppola)

To Be and to Have (Philibert)

Finding Nemo (Stanton)

Infernal Affairs (Lau/Mak)

L'Histoire de Julien et Marie (Rivette)

Millennium Mambo (Hou)

The Good Thief (Jordan)

Spellbound (Glitz)

La Trilogie: An Amazing Couple (Belvaux)

B Recommended

American Splendor (Bergman/Pulcini)

Charlotte Sometimes (Byler)

Full Time Killer (To)

In the Cut (Campion)

Irreversible (Noe)

Lost in La Mancha (Fulton/Pepe)

Pirates of the Caribbean (Verbinski)

Raising Victor Vargas (Sollett)

B/B- Recommended with minor reservations

Carnage (...)

Divine Intervention (Suleiman)

A Good Lawyer's Wife (Im)

Ichi the Killer (Miike)

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines(Mastow)

La Trilogie: On the Run (Belvaux)

Les Triplettes des Bellville (Chomet)

B- Recommended with major reservations

The Barbarian Invasions (Arcand)

Gozu (Miike)

Intolerable Cruelty(Coen)

Les Sentiments (Lvovsky)

C+ Not Recommended but with redeeming values

Elephant (Van Sant)

Des plumes dans la tete (---)
Monster (Jenkins)

Mystic River (Eastwood)

Nine Souls (Toyoda)

PTU (To)

21 Grams (Inarritu)

C Poor

Once Upon a Time in Mexico

Purple Butterfly

Seabiscuit (Ross)

C- Crap

Undead (Evil Aussie Twins)

D Foul, disgusting crap

F Burn the negative

*Movies with Grades B+/B or above ranked. All others alphabetical within the grade.

Priority 2003 movies missed thus far:

Unknown Pleasures
28 Days Later
Swimming Pool
Sweet Sixteen
In My Skin
The Matrix Reloaded
Dirty Pretty Things
A Mighty Wind
Winged Migration
The Housekeeper
Better Luck Tomorrow
The Flower of Evil
Priority movies currently playing:

Girl with the Pearl Earring
In America
Big Fish
My Architect